The success of relocation depends upon the moving cost. IWe discuss the points to consider while making a moving cost estimate.
Yes, I agree that preparing a moving cost estimate is a big challenge. You need to be highly cautious while making it. In addition, proper knowledge related to various factors involved in moving is also required. I remember my relocation in West Virginia a few years back. I had to hire a moving company in West Virginia and needed a moving cost estimate in advance. Though I was not an expert in those days, I somehow managed to make one and the relocation went off successfully. Here’s my catch – you need a proper checklist before you approach a mover in West Virginia or any state. 

But what’s an accurate checklist? Do not worry as I am gonna explain to you.    

How much does it cost to move home?

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost to move a house locally is $2,300, while for a long-distance move; it can be approximately $4,300. This is calculated based on 7,400 pounds as the average moving weight or a 2-3 bedroom house. This may change based on the distance, volume of stuff, and the moving service.

Where are you moving to?

Before you sit down to prepare the checklist, you need to know that the cost charged by a mover is greatly based on the destination you are relocating to. The moving company quote for long distance will always be higher considering the mileage, fuel, and license the mover has.  

What’s the volume of items to be moved to the new home?

How much stuff do you have? This is crucial as the more items you have, the truck size would be bigger and it would take more time to pack the stuff and load the truck. While you prepare the moving cost estimate, you need to consider this factor.

Moving special items and their complexity

Complexity is another major factor that impacts the moving cost. Regardless of the distance and size of your move, any special handling requirements, necessary extra services, and existing obstacles can make the moving expenses. And the riskier it is, the costlier the moving quote will be.   

Special items are those items that require extra attention while handling. Some of the special items at home are:

Aquariums with fish
Idols and statues

When you have special items at home, the crew needs to be proficient in handling them. And as properly trained staff would be arriving at home, the charge would be higher than normal. 

Has moving insurance got an influence on the total moving cost?

While moving the household items, a moving company would offer you insurance which is required to reduce the risk of transporting the items by road. Under Federal law, moving companies are required to provide two different liability options – Full Value Protection and Released Value. Along with that, you can also obtain separate liability insurance from the third party, regulated by state law. And if the company’s insurance is your choice, it needs to be considered while preparing the moving estimate.

The time is important in deciding the moving cost

Most people prefer relocating in summer as the climate is decent with long sunny days. However, this is not the best time to move when you need to trim the moving company quote because movers will be too busy and would not give you discounts. Instead, prefer moving in the offseason when the competition is low and you will be left with more scope to negotiate. 

While preparing the moving cost estimate, you need to ensure that it is realistic and budget-friendly. Once you have the estimate, you should fit it into it. Every single penny you save can be used for future work at the new home. 

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