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A little-known fact among electric oil rig users is that if you know how to properly control the temperature of the nail, you will waste much less concentrate and you can taste more cannabis terpenes. The temperature of your electronic nail or vaporizer needs to be adjusted based on several factors, such as the amount of steam you want to consume, the type of cannabis concentrate, and the type of material used to build the nails. You want to use an oil rig electric rig somewhere in the 500°F to 800°F temperature range. The guide below will show that there is plenty of room to find your perfect temperature to use the oil rig electric nail.

Large hit vs prolonged flavor

The major and most recognized difference between high temperature and low temperature for an electric dab rig is the hardness and strength of the hits This is the first factor to consider when looking for the perfect temperature. It has the greatest impact on where you should place your oil rig E-nail.

Using an oil rig electric nail at higher temperatures, about 600°F to 800°F, will produce more vapor. However, the high temperature can burn some terpenes and reduce the intensity of the flavor in your hits. Conversely, using the electric nail at lower temperatures of about 500°F to 600°F, will not produce as much vapor. Nevertheless,  these low temperatures will retain the terpene distribution for a longer period and promote better taste.

Generally, when finding the ideal temperature to use your oil rig electric nails, you should always remember that high temperature means more steam but less flavor. Also, low temperature will offer you less steam but more flavor.

Different types of oil concentrate need different ideal temperatures

 Various temperatures are either ideal or worse for different types of oil concentrates. In general, if the oil concentrate tends to be very viscous and liquefies/accumulates on the bottom of the E-nail or atomizer, it needs higher heat to completely evaporate without accumulation and becoming difficult to consume. Usually, a higher temperature is ideal for distillates or shatter.

If you find that your oil concentrate keeps burning in CBD vape kit or leaves a black residue that cannot be vaporized, you should avoid using the E-nail at very high temperatures. In most instances this can happen with dried cannabis oil concentrates such as wax.

Furthermore, you are more likely to need a higher temperature to ensure that all the oil concentrate is consumed. Below is a short list of some different types of oil concentrates and recommendations for the best temperature for them.

  • Low temperature (400°F to 500°F): wax, crumble
  • Medium heat (500°F to 700°F): PHO, BHO
  • High temperature (700°F to 800°F): shatter, distillate

Choosing the perfect temperature to use an oil rig based on the type of electric nail

Most oil rigs and electric nails are equipped with safety materials, but not all oil rigs are safe. A safe electric nail for your oil rig should be made with food-grade and medical-grade materials. With these materials, the electric nail can reach its highest temperature without the possibility of releasing toxic fumes into the vapor.

The three most common materials for electric nails are titanium, quartz, and ceramics. Some oil rigs have their electric nails made of other good materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel. However, their temperature capabilities are poorer than titanium, quartz, and ceramic.  For example, the melting point of aluminum is only 1220°F while the melting point of quartz is 2192°F. Also, the melting point of ceramics is 3000°F, while and the highest boiling point of titanium is 3034°F. A melting point means that there is less possibility of toxic gas in the lungs.  Consequently,  electric nails made of quartz, ceramic, or titanium are the most recommended.

You also need to consider heat retention, because it is not just about the heat resistance of the electric nail. Not only do titanium, ceramic, or quartz electric nails. retain heat more efficiently, but they can also reach higher temperatures without causing breaking.

Key takeaway

You should always check the recommended temperature specifications of your oil rig electric nails to make sure you do not blow up any circuits. The oil rig electric nail can usually withstand all the recommended temperatures in the specifications. However, some oil rigs may only support specific voltage or temperature settings,  which limits your temperature choices.

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