Top Ten Cricketers

Also known as the gentlemen’s sport, Cricket has gained popularity over the years and become one of the top sports around the world. Rising number of cricket fans has made the sport a common name in the streets of India, which is considered the nation producing one of the best cricket players in the world. Cricket fans are always keen to gather any information about cricket players who are on top of their games.

The top ten cricketers around the world are:

Virat Kohli

The current captain of the Indian cricket team, Kohli has proven to be the backbone of Indian batting for the past few years. He has managed to charm audiences around the world with his stunning performance records across all formats of the game. Married to the Indian actress Anushka Sharma in 2017, Virat has been recently declared the fastest to reach 10,000 runs in an ODI match.

James Anderson

Also known as the “bullseye”, James Anderson is considered one of the best bowlers of this generation. The 36-year-old British fast bowler made his international debut in 2002. He was recently declared as the highest wicket-taking fast bowler, overthrowing Glen McGrath. In his career as a cricketer for the British cricket team, Anderson has taken a total of 564 wickets in 143 matches. Famous for being the bowler who took Tendulkar’s wicket, James Anderson is considered among the best bowlers across the globe.

Rashid Khan

This afghani player took his country’s cricket game to another level in the past two years. Overachieving and outshining in the T-20 cricket series as a fast bowler and leg spinner, highlighted his game and gave him instant popularity among young cricket fans around the world. He has taken 118 wickets in 50 ODI’s and 35 wickets in T-20 cricket matches. Playing in the IPL brought him to notice and gave him the needed recognition. Currently, he ranks No. 2 in ODI and No. 1. In T-20 format.

Kagiso Rabada

One of the youngest players in the South African cricket team, Rabada has become a popular name in just 4 years of his international career. He was able to take 250 wickets so far in all formats of the game. This player has been known for his fast pace and accurate wicket hitting capacity. In the 32 test matches played by him so far, he has a strike rate of 39 and averages 21.71. This has made him one of the best among the lot.

Kane Williamson

One of the best cricketers from New Zealand, Williamson is the skipper from his country’s team. Known for his consistent performances in all formats of cricket, he particularly shines in international matches. His consistent and constantly improving performance in the T-20 cricket matches have brought experts focus on him. He might not be the most passionate performer making new records every day, but his consistent performance over the years has made him one of the best.

Ben Stokes

This English player is considered one of the best because of his abilities to change the game of this top sport. Being an all-rounder and an overachiever make him stand out from the rest, he is currently one of the best all-rounders across the globe. He was in the highlights for scoring the fastest 250 in the history of test cricket format. He was auctioned at the highest price in IPL 2017 and is among the most versatile cricketers so far.

Babar Azam

This Pakistani player is popular among his Pakistani fans because of his flamboyant playing style. He has managed to make a mark in his limited-over career so far and also performed profoundly in international tournaments. The young cricketer has made a notable contribution to Pakistan cricket and highlighted himself by surpassing Virat Kohli in making the fastest 1000 run mark in T-20 format. Shorter formats of the game remain his strengths and he struggle with longer formats of the game.

Joe Root

Being one of the most consistent players in the world of cricket, he is known for his constant performance in every match. It is known that he scores runs in every match he plays; they may not be big achievements like centuries, but he has been known to for his consistent performances. This English player has made 6279 runs in 74 test matches and 4946 runs in 121 ODI’s that he has played so far.

Jasprit Bumrah

Indian cricket team’s wait for a fast-paced bowler who can hit the wickets straight ended when Bumrah joined the Indian cricket team. He is among the best bowlers that India has produced so far. Having notable achievements early on in his career, Bumrah has made his mark.

Mitchell Starc

This Australian player is one of the most dangerous fast-paced bowlers around the world, having achieved the quickest 100 ODI wickets in just 52 games.

Since the start of his career in 2010, Starc has showcased stellar performance and outdone many talented players.


In conclusion we can say that these players managed to stand out and shine, making themselves rank among the top 10 cricketers around the world.

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