Civil FE and PE Exam

As an engineer, you surely would have dreamt of achieving the title of a Professional Engineer (PE). However, the journey to the highest civil engineering honor is not easy. It needs you to work hard on the PE and FE civil exam prep and takes a lot of mental grit. Since the journey to becoming a PE is a rather long one, most engineers tend to give up on that dream soon.

But those who stick around and commit themselves to the NCEES based civil exams are handsomely rewarded in the post-PE half of their career. For the better half of your civil engineering career, you will ask yourself, is PE license worth it? Or is your career at its peak where it is right now?

Well, if you can, you must take the professional engineer’s exam. It will not only boost your career but make you feel more fulfilled with your success. But since, these are not enough, here we have listed the top 5 reasons to consider FE and PE exams.

  • Enhanced Reputation and Work Value

An experienced civil engineer might be well-known, but a Professional Engineer will still be more reputable. It is simply because the potential clients know that they have taken and clear the PE exam. In a country with so many engineering services and professionals available, your PE license will set you apart.

Everything you learn in your PE and FE exam prep study guide will help improve your skills and knowledge. And the more adept you are at a job, the more will be your work value. All the hard work you put into your PE and first FE civil exam prep will pay off, and it will translate to you being highly respected in the engineering community.

  • Build Credibility with More Clients

Civil engineering projects are a big deal and aren’t something that can be repeated at will. This is why property owners tend to carefully hire an engineering team to work on their projects. They try to find engineers they can rely upon. And who can be more reliable than a civil engineer with a PE license?

Building a credible relationship with your clients is an underrated benefit of clearing your FE and PE exam. Recommendations and referrals might get you a couple of new projects in the area you provide service. But boosting credibility will widen your potential client’s horizon and get you better work beyond your town and even the state. The PE license is valid throughout the United States and can be earned in other states through reciprocity.

  • Get Higher Salary

With more work value, better projects in hand, you automatically become an asset to the industry. It means your pay scale is going to rise too. PE license ensures that you get high-end projects, including government building operations. The money you will earn for each of these projects is much more than a minor project will get you.  In addition, the experience these bring will build your resume and reputation.

A year or two working as a professional engineer will allow you to make good money. However, as an unlicensed civil engineer, you might earn quite enough but never as much as a professional engineer, no matter how much experience you have. All those time spent on your FE and PE civil exam prep will be rewarding.

  • AuthoritativeAssignments

Once you become a Professional Engineer, you will be the head engineer in almost all the projects you work on. The head engineer position will demand you to practice activities including paper works like signing deals, approving plans, etc. Depending on the project, a PE works closely with a team of engineers on the project.

Being a fully qualified and certified PE licensure will bring more authoritative assignments your way. Instead of working as assigned by your project head, you will get to assign work to the team. Being a PE means having more significant responsibilities on your shoulders.

  • Expand Your Work Horizon

As mentioned above, all those hours you invest in your FE exam prep study guide will pay off. After you clear your civil PE exam and are titled as a Professional Engineer, you have the power to take your career to new heights. If you are a non-licensed engineer, it is hard to find work outside of the area you serve.

A PE license holds the same value anywhere in the US as it does in the state you took your PE exam. It means there are more job opportunities for you than you think. If you have to switch to a different state for some reason, you don’t have to worry about finding work and making clients. PE license will get you projects wherever you are.

Tips to Clear the NCEES Civil PE Exam

After going through the benefits of taking the civil PE exam, you surely are considering the test now. If you are, find out some of the PE and FE civil exam prep tips here:

  • Start your preparation early. When you register for your PE exam, make sure you create a dedicated schedule. Follow that schedule in routine every day. Do not burden yourself with too much study material.
  • An underrated preparation tip that most engineers ignore is taking practice tests. When you get prep questions from a reliable source and solve them, you are more likely to do well in your civil PE exam. Remember, there is no limit to the practice exams you solve; the more, the better.
  • If you have prepared well for your PE exam for months, do not pressurize yourself the day before the test. Make sure you rest and relax your mind a day before the exam to be fresh and active for the test day. You can listen to music, read books, or do whatever makes you feel calm.


Now that you have more than enough information to decide upon your civil PE exam prep, all you need to do is enroll in a PE course. Lucky for you, we know exactly where you must go for that. Civil Engineering Academy offers quality PE review courses and NCEES-based prep tests for you to check.  They include lecture modules, practice problems, support, and more.

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