Mental Health

Mental health is simply defined as the well-being of the mind in case of stress, anxiety, or depression. It is the state of satisfaction for a mind to realize that his abilities are good enough to handle every critical situation or stress causing problems. Good mental health enables a person to contribute to community affairs. It enables a person to be self-confident everywhere and use his abilities accurately to produce fruitfull results. It enables a person to face and cope up with temporary crises or difficulties. In short, mental health is defined as the absence of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Mental Growth refers to the nourishment of mental abilities and functioning. It is necessary for a successful life to grow in all areas including physical, emotional, potential, and mental growth. As we grow older, our mental growth also takes place along with. Mental growth takes place in each individual in a unique and distinct manner. Mental health enables a person to aware of himself, his abilities and to use his strategies accordingly.

Mental Health

Mental health is an integral element of a healthy individual. There are several ways to improve mental growth.

  1. A person’s environment and surroundings directly influence his mental health. If the environment provides basic civic, social, economical, and political rights then it helps a person to faceless stress or anxiety. In this way, these factor helps to retain good mental health. Besides, if the environment or society is not providing basic civic rights or freedom to speak then it is difficult for an individual to maintain his mental health.
  2.  Good mental is achieved by taking enough sleep, making contact with fresh air, or indulging yourself in various productive activities.
  3.  One of these are by frequently taking intelligence test; helps to improve verbal-comprehensive abilities as well as memory abilities. Furthermore, enables a person to increase his IQ level.
  4. Another method is adaptive behavior; if a person is independent, he has the freedom to adopt things and fulfill his desires on his own. This adaptive behavior helps to improve mental growth.
  5. Achievement potential; by taking different assessments test or listening to different motivational speeches, a person will able to create a sense of potential to achieve his goals.
  6. Education and learning lead to positive change in the mental growth. It creates a thirst for knowledge among individuals to seek or learn new things like cooking, gaming, baking, and reading.
  7.  Book reading is the most effective way to nourish our mental growth. A good book always provides us with moral, ethical, and progressive lessons.
  8. In spite of all the above, if a person is not having a well-balanced diet. It will be impossible for him to retain good mental health. Mental growth is possible by taking almonds and food with vitamin supplements like vitamin B, C, E.

If a person is facing some unfavorable or unethical circumstances then it can lead to mental disorders like anxiety disorder, behavioral disorder, eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder,  personality disorder, or stress and trauma-related disorders. These suspected people consult with mental health counselors or are in search of a good listener.


Mental health plays an important role at every stage of life. Good mental health helps to keep a person energized, confident, and mentally stable.

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