Haunted Places

Ghost stories are usually seen in movies wherein there is only one house located in the jungle or somewhere far and the house is full of darkness, one caretaker knows there is a ghost in the house and still takes care of that house. Well! I used to think those are nonrealistic movies and there is no place in the world where ghosts exist until I found out about these places.

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh is the most spoken haunted place in the world. It has a big historical story where the Sadhu (priest)had cursed the King’s daughter for denying her marriage proposal that no person in this village will be born again. Next year in the war all the people in the Bhangarh fort died after that anyone who tries to rebuild the fort goes to demolition on its own. Some paranormal activities are been traced by the locals and it’s said you can do the tour of the fort with the local guide during the day and nobody should visit the place from sunset to sunrise.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Raynham Hall is one of the finest estates in Norfolk, which was built in 7000acres of land in the 16th century. There once lived a couple in the 18th century. During that time going under physical abuse, the husband would lock his wife. After few years the wife died. But it’s said that Dorothy’s ghost is still haunting the place as per the current resident Lord Charles Raynham. The activist has captured certain photos in the 1930s while performing a paranormal activity, and it’s said to be her picture.

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

China has its own share of the ghost story. The most visited site among the travellers is the Forbidden City.
Today it is visited as one of the must-see museums which were China’s former imperial palace. During the early time of the palace, there have been many deaths happening due to murder or poisoning out of jealousy. Hence there had been many unusual supernatural things happening around. As other stories go there has been seen I woman dressed in white gown roaming throughout the palace.

The Langham Hotel, London, England

This one is the oldest and still running hotel in England. The in-house guest has sensed unusual activity happening in the room and in the corridors. In the yea 2014, England team cricket players had an unavoidable experience staying at the hotel. former resident Emperor Louis Napoleon III and a German prince had committed suicide from his upper-level window and said to be existing in the vicinity during late hours.

After the stories, the hotel owners improvised the hotel by spending a lot and made the hotel stand iconic in London.

Tower of London, England

The tower in London is the most must-see place while in London. Any tourist visiting London and on a city tour. His city tour would be incomplete without visiting the Tower of London. The tower is considered one of the iconic buildings of London. It was been built by King William. It is famously known with the history of the prisoners who were trapped in the tower. While in the residence of Henry VIII, his wife Queen Anne Boleyn had given birth to a dead son. Henry VIII could not control his anger outcome of which he beheaded his wife. And it’s said that late-night a lady with her head is been seen in the corridors of Tower of London.

In the early centuries, there were many haunted stories across the globe. Over the period of time, the places are been crucified with holy water and showered with the blessings of God. But someplace do exist where entry is forbidden.

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