Moonstone is a unique gemstone that is said to derive its powers from the moon. It has gained prominence due to its shimmering nature and magical effects. The power and beauty of the moon reside in this stone and makes it one of the best choice to transform your life effectively. Also, It has been in usage for the last many years.

As a wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. And this is for all those who looking for ways to wear moonstone differently.

A minimalistic approach

Minimalism lies in the simplest of things and jewelry is no exception in this regard. If you’re a simplicity lover and wear plain uncomplicated shapes, then a moonstone is a perfect stone for your personality, that compliments your overall look with its minimalistic approach. This smooth and lustrous flat stone fits well with any modern outfit. Let your stone shine in the simple settings. A sober moonstone necklace or bracelet can lead to an impactful appearance.

Choose the way of rawness

If you are a raw beauty admirer, who loves to wear the rawness in jewelry, then a raw crystal moonstone ring, pendant or moonstone bracelet is a must-have for you. The shape and cuts of rough stones give it a natural appearance, and such cuts seem like they are recently dug out of the earth and worn. Moonstone can create a positive impact through its magical power and blue sheen. Combine it with sterling silver to showcase a perfect look for any occasion.

Embrace your hippie look

If you are a travel freak and adores the hippie look fashion, then this astounding gemstone will help you achieve it. For the last many years it’s been a favorable option for travelers to wear the large cabochon pendants or big stacked rings to get their inner bohemian look come out flawlessly. Moreover combining it with comfortable loose clothing will give you the confidence to enjoy your journey like a true hippie!

Settle for shimmer

If you’re a huge fan of sparkles or shiny ornaments, then pick a faceted moonstone. The mindful cuts and original luster of this gemstone will leave everyone awe-struck of its beauty and would look great on any formal attire. When paired with other shimmering gems they tend to showcase a natural playfulness in colors. The opulence in earrings, bracelets, rings, and moonstone necklaces is something that makes it a perfect option to upgrade overall personality. They sometimes give a diamond view but unlike them, they are affordable and give ample benefits.

Give a true statement in moonstone

A large statement moonstone can make a powerful impact. Pick a big shiny stone for the pendant and bracelet and pair them with some unique chunky earrings to give it a strong voice and bold look. Why to settle for less, when you can make the statement with the best. It’s suggested to go for the subtle nominal look and let the statement moonstone jewelry do the talking.

Small things can make a big difference

If you don’t like showing off or don’t settle for extravagant accessories then go for the little delights. These delicate pieces add up a huge value to your personality because the value of small things can never be underestimated. They can make a huge difference by enhancing your beauty on a higher level. Pick the stones with more facets to play with the reflection of light. This style can go great with a small ring as well and can be paired with a watch or simple band. A series of stones strung in the necklace can also raise the bar of beauty.

Light up your wardrobe with our wholesale moonstone collection. And we, at Rananjay Exports, understand your love for authentic moonstone jewelry and believe in giving you the best ways to wear it. We hope our alluring craft and information reach out to you in the most convenient way!

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