corona virus

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease that spreads primarily through respiratory and contact. The virus spread mainly through the air or surface contaminant. Coronavirus symptoms include cough, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, and maybe a fever, which can last for a couple of days. The transmission of this virus is done through a suspected person’s secretions like saliva or any droplet in a cough. So, one needs to keep himself away from the infected person. Corona people affect different people in different ways. Some people cure without any treatment. On the other hand, It can make some people seriously ill. People with a weak immune system and those with pre-existing medical conditions like hepatitis, respiratory disease, or cardiovascular disease appear to be more susceptible to this disease. 

After the coronavirus outbreak life has become uncertain and unavailing. The impacts of the coronavirus on human life are extensive and unpredictable. Several vaccines are being made and distributed throughout the world. This pandemic situation has influenced not only human social life but also cultural, political, educational, psychological, and most importantly economic life. The government is implementing several SOP’s and restrictions like travel restrictions, small lockdowns, and business closure to cope up with the current pandemic situation. There are restrictions on traveling from one place to another. The import and export system is greatly affected. There is a challenging situation for global policymakers. After the corona outbreak people are facing the pain of social distance from their peers and loved ones. They are conserved to their houses. All public spots and entertainment places remain close. Life after the coronavirus is challenging and rapidly affecting our day-to-day life. 

Life and business after the coronavirus are facing a lot of devastation. Coronavirus has triggered a wave of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and stress. The global economy has rebound due to the outbreak of this deadly disease. Many workers have lost their jobs. Unemployment rates have increased. 

Businesses are affected by corona to a large extent. The breakdown of the supply chain along with widespread shutdowns has caused a huge loss to the global economy. The coronavirus has largely affected the imports and export system of goods among different countries. This raises the effect of lower consumption of products, breakdown of the supply chain, and extensive damage to worker’s income resources. The constant lockdown has begun upsetting the production, marketing, and supply chain. The economy of various countries has been shattered by this pandemic situation. Industrial countries are facing a big loss to this extent. Families are facing uncertain economic conditions A big ratio of workers has lost their jobs. Gradually, countries are recovering by lifting the shut down measures. The government of different countries is now permitting schools colleges, universities, offices, and industries to reopen. 

Conclusion :

To sum up, the economic and social disruption caused by coronavirus is unpredictable. People are falling at great risk of unemployment and poverty. Thus, COVID-19 is leading to depression, anxiety, and stress and has changed our lifestyle to a great extent.

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