Am I still a child? Because I still enjoy driving battery operated cars. Yes! you heard it right. A big thanks to Mr. Elon Musk Sir for his invention of defined luxury, environment friendly & human friendly cars. Tesla is the third-generation car from the geared vehicle to automatic & now to Auto pilot car. Tesla

About Tesla

Tesla was founded by a team of young engineers in 2003, with the mission to lead the living world towards a pollution-free & green environment.  It has its headquarters based in California, United States. It has its production unit based in Fremont, California. The company is pillared by the founders Elon Musk, JB Straubel, Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright. Tesla is best known for its series of electric power-packed cars. Apart from the Cars, it is also into manufacturing other convertible resources like solar roof and power wall, widespread of electric charging stations which will make the day-to-day life easy for a common man.

Not only the products of Tesla is undoubtedly unique but the after-sales service is also great. Any support required during the breakdown; step-wise guidance will be provided. If the query still not solve then you can log your issue on the app and the nearest tesla center would visit you for your help at the earliest. Tesla also provides roadside assistance if required.


Roadster: The first-ever vehicle production by Tesla in 2008 was for Roadster. It is the fastest & the safest drive car. It’s an all-wheel-drive with the highest acceleration of more than 250 mph running across 620 miles. It is a luxury designed car with a convertible lightweight glass rooftop.

Semi: Semi is the safest & comfortable truck. It has an acceleration power from 0-60mph in 20seconds when fully loaded. The driver seat is centrally located in the front to have complete control over the vehicle. It encourages the owner with the lowest maintenance & fuel-burning cost.

Cybertruck: Not only luxury & eco-friendly vehicles but Tesla also takes care of the traveler’s safety. The exterior of the vehicle is damage-free & corrosion-free as the structure is made out of a monochrome exoskeleton, ensuring smooth movement of the passengers during their journey. Also, it provides ample space for storage & huge towing capacity. It further has specifications of Single motor RWD, Dual Motor AWD & Tri-Motor AWD.

Model S: Best three-seater SUV introduced by Tesla, which has everything it can give to all types of travelers. It has inbuilt wireless charging, USB plug points, Bluetooth connections, and a high-quality audio music system for entertainment. Seats are convertible to full flat, allowing you to travel with huge storage. It has the capacity to cover the longest distance in a single charge. It has a peak power of 1020hp at its best.

Model 3: Model 3 is a complete electrical vehicle. After the overnight charging the next day you are ready for the full day drive. It is the finest SUV with high acceleration and the best driving performance. This vehicle is been operated through the screen placed near the dashboard. It has a 360degree view of the surrounding which provides maximum safety during Autopilot. The glass rooftop view enables all the travelers to enjoy at their best.


Tesla has a range of products from rugged vehicle to a super fine luxury vehicles. They are not only working towards the betterment of the environment & resources but also towards the development of human well-being & technology. Tesla is on the continuous improvement of the variety & price of products. Stay connected to get the last update on Tesla.

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